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Thu, Dec 31, 2009 at 2:36 PM (inside Council, when heated discussion on rain relief was on in the presence of CM)

January 7, 2010

12:32 PM me: hello
good morning
12:33 PM computer repair and replaced!! so typing from a new one now
manohar: Very good morning
me: busy?
manohar: I am from BB
me: bjp galata more and more!
reading news..
12:34 PM BB?
manohar: Yes in council meeting (more…)


Tue, Dec 15, 2009 at 11:50 AM

January 7, 2010

11:47 AM me: hello
was offline due to some pc issues
how r u ?
i am fine
r u there?
11:48 AM helloooooooooooooooooooo
mr. maski
how r u ?
manohar: Hello (more…)

Tue, Dec 8, 2009 at 12:40 PM

January 7, 2010

11:42 AM me: hi
  i am online
32 minutes

12:15 PM me: hi
12:16 PM manohar: I will come back after some time
 me: why?!!!!!!!
12:17 PM hiiiiiiii
12:18 PM manohar: ???
12:20 PM me: when u come back?
 manohar: Where?
 me: chat?
5 minutes

12:26 PM me: hello r u free?
12:27 PM manohar: Toda busy
 me: which day u r not busy?
12:28 PM r u in bangalore?
12:29 PM manohar: Yes
 me: ok
  thanks for the info
12:30 PM manohar: Can we meet today?
12:31 PM me: i dont think so… let me think…. 10 minutes
8 minutes

12:40 PM me: hi i may not meet u now

Thu, Dec 3, 2009 at 10:25 AM

January 7, 2010

10:17 AM me: hello i cannot meet you today as I was busy last night….. I think this will go on for thewhole week as my hubby has sudden holidays…
6 minutes

10:23 AM manohar: hello ,good morning
10:24 AM me: hi
  where r u ?
  did u come back?
 manohar: Bangalore
 me: i am sorry baba
 manohar: in my office
 me: today no meeting
  sorry for this
  i am sort of tired!
10:25 AM we need a break
  mean my hubby and myself
10:26 AM manohar: ok no harry
 me: harry?
  who is he?
10:27 AM hurry? right thanks
 manohar: sorry I didn’t noticed typing error
10:28 AM me: joked
  i know u try to type fast
  that is ok
  as long as u stay as my f riend

Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 1:24 PM (MLC with CM in Raichur)

January 7, 2010

12:29 PM manohar: Hai
me: hello
12:30 PM u r always busy!
i am always not busy (more…)

Wed, Nov 25, 2009 at 1:17 PM

January 7, 2010

1:08 PM manohar: hai Hony
me: hi
hi horny
1:09 PM manohar: sorry yesterday I was in meeting
me: i can understand u !!
u r really horny!
1:10 PM manohar: horny????
me: horny means hot
u sent me hony.. i sent u horny!
1:11 PM manohar: sweet and hot is good (more…)

Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 2:21 PM

January 7, 2010

2:05 PM manohar: I am in a meeting
 me: ok
2:06 PM which meeting? busy?
  r u too busy?
2:07 PM manohar: Election
 me: where? bangalore?
2:08 PM manohar: Yes
 me: when will the meeting end?
  i wanna chat wid u baba
 manohar: Why ?
2:09 PM me: dont get aroused yaar… i am not meeting you after ur meeting!!
 manohar: Are come to my house
 me: ??
  what about ur wife then?
2:10 PM manohar: She also present
 me: ????\
2:11 PM manohar: You come as gust, is there any problem?
 me: i think so… as I have no other subject to talk…
2:12 PM manohar: When we meet we have many subject
 me: like what?
2:14 PM hello
 manohar: First make your mind, then I will send agenda ha..haa.. Is it ok
 me: r u there?
2:15 PM hello
 manohar: Yes madam
  Thank you
 me: why madam
2:16 PM all of a sudden?
 manohar: Your going to my guest na
 me: hi where r u now ?
2:17 PM i know sir
  i am your permanent guest in facebook too!!
  and a friend
 manohar: Malleshwram
 me: ok
  which meeting ? tumba busy?
2:18 PM politics? relief work?
  election u told…
  i dont know which election
 manohar: Ok my turn came, politics
 me: so u do so much politics…
2:20 PM hello my f riend
  how was last night?
2:21 PM manohar: Bye
 me: why bye?
 manohar: I will come back
 me: very busy?

Fri, Nov 20, 2009 at 1:03 PM

January 7, 2010

:01 PM manohar: Enu tumba jooru madutta iddira
 me: ??
  nimage ishta illaveno?
  enu entha joru?
1:02 PM manohar: I am trawling
 me: to where?!!!!!!!!
 manohar: Face book nail
 me: ok
  so u r so fast in reading facebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  but u dont wanna chat
1:03 PM i thought u r offline
  but u r smart..
  always online, but hiding…
 manohar: I was offline only
 me: going for lunch.. hungry now…
1:04 PM ok
  where r u ? on bus? car?
  to which place u r travelling?
  i am going for lunch
  will be away for 30 min
 manohar: After getting alert from face book, I logged in Black Barry
 me: ok
1:05 PM manohar: Ok
 me: will u come online then?
 manohar: I will tray
 me: hi
  ok bye
 manohar: ?????

Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 11:48 AM

January 7, 2010

11:01 AM manohar: hi
 me: hi!!!
 manohar: enu madutta idira
11:02 AM me: why plural?
11:03 AM manohar: summane
 me: hello
 manohar: gottilla
11:04 AM me: sari
  enu busy na?
 manohar: swalpa
 me: neevu online kanta illa….
 manohar: invisible
11:05 AM me: oh
 manohar: ninna hage
 me: u r really invisible…
  ok… good
  haage iri yavaglooo
11:06 AM enu maadta ideera?
 manohar: yake nanna meet madoke ishtta illva?
 me: ide.. but i never met people offline…..
  like that
11:07 AM manohar: ondsala ,, ondondasla try madbhudallawa?
11:08 AM me: iri
11:09 AM what to try?
  ionly chat and chat
  i like it very much
 manohar: ninna bhetti madbheku ninnodige Bhagamandalada bagge matadabeku
 me: ohhhhhh
  u r really sexy…… we can always chat like that…. i can call u too but pls let me think
11:10 AM did u do bhagamandala tour with your wife last night?!!!!
11:11 AM manohar: no she is not in city
 me: i wanna know…. but i doubt u ate her….. tell me
  ok ok
  that is why u r now very much eager to talk to me right?
 manohar: when you calling
 me: where did she go?
11:12 AM does she have friends like me?
11:13 AM manohar: sorry i don’t have such idia in my mind
  she went to mumbai
11:15 AM me: means?
11:16 AM hello
  maski theinvisible…
  tell me
11:17 AM where is she? is she well?
 manohar: that is why u r now very much eager to talk to me right? I answered this quston
11:18 AM me: see i am in no mood to make jagala with u
  only chat
 manohar: ok wait some time iam attendig some viciterors
 me: ok
5 minutes

11:24 AM manohar: jagala alla
11:25 AM ninna bhetti madbeku or matadabeku annisiddu ninna idia niaan swabhwa (chat) hidissiddakke matra
  ok see you
 me: why?
11:26 AM busy?
  ninna idia niaan swabhwa MEANS WHAT?
  i could not get
11:27 AM hi i love u
 manohar: Your style , your thinking
 me: ur moods
11:28 AM not moods condom!! ok?
  u r angry and at the same time soft towards me
  that is fantastic
  with your wife away.. dont go outside ok ?
11:29 AM manohar: Can I heir your voice
 me: u can
  u r offline
 manohar: can i call , or your calling
11:30 AM me: no no i will call later
 manohar: atlest once heloo
 me: i will definitely call u
  but u say u are not angry with me…
  kiss me here…
11:31 AM we can do other things later… if I take that energy to call and meet u
 manohar: no anggry
 me: ok
  then kiss me here
11:32 AM manohar: how
 me: just type i am kissing your lips… and eating your tongue…
11:33 AM manohar: kiss is ok, but not eating tongue
 me: why?
11:34 AM hello
  then what will u eat today?
 manohar: not bhagamandali
11:35 AM me: means?
 manohar: not poussy
 me: ok
  good boy
  not eating pussy when his wife is away…. very good boy
11:36 AM manohar: call me yaar
 me: but u did not say u kiss me
11:37 AM manohar: kiss, kiss,
 me: ok
  thanks baba
  but where r u ? in bangalore? or ur native?
11:39 AM manohar: Near MSR hospital
 me: why near hospital? what happened?
 manohar: my native Raichur
 me: ok
11:40 AM can I come and meet u ..?
 manohar: Near MSR hospita my resi
 me: when ur wife is away?!!!!
11:41 AM that is very very sexy.. but i just joked… dont worry i will not come now….
 manohar: than call
11:42 AM me: i will also not call u now.. otherwise u will pester me to come … i know.. i have work at home….
11:43 AM manohar: no only to test your voice
 me: fine
11:44 AM but pls baba spare me for few days.. i was also sad….. my aunt died few days back.. so offline and thoughtful
 manohar: I am not giving any unnecessary trouble , ok
11:45 AM see you
 me: again angry… i know
  but pls baba give me a couple of days
 manohar: no no
 me: sorry
 manohar: take your time
 me: i can read ur psyche
  but say u r not angry
  how is ur son?
11:46 AM manohar: why i should angry
 me: ok thanks then
  when ur wife come back?
  get ready for her now!!
11:47 AM she must be good for u…
  i can say she is lucky to have u
 manohar: sat
 me: ok
11:48 AM u r such a sexy guy… talk so poetically.. on sex and f..king
  must be very good… on bed…. though u say u have to learn many things
 manohar: Really Sush I am happy ,
I get so happiness after your idea
11:49 AM ok see you
 me: Sush?
  what is that?
11:50 AM means u started eating her only after my chat?
  that is gr8 then
 manohar: yes
 me: i never believed u
  but now i think i must believe u
  did u do it again recently?
11:51 AM manohar: yes
  see you
 me: see me?

Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 2:30 PM

January 7, 2010

2:25 PM manohar: Good afternoon
 me: hi
  thanks for the response man..
2:26 PM manohar: i was not theare that time
 me: ok
2:28 PM where r u ? at home?
  i remembered u a lot
2:29 PM but i was also not connected these days
 manohar: yes, my home office
 me: ok
  how r things at ur end? I am fine
2:30 PM manohar: ok , i am going for lunch
2:31 PM barala?
 me: why ? wanna chat wid u man
2:32 PM r u coming back? ilva?
 manohar: hotte tala hakutta idde
 me: ok
  r u coming back for chat ? when?
 manohar: ok
2:33 PM me: when